Friday, May 15, 2009

Check the bill

I have a new appreciation for my cell phone provider, Alltel :) I received several calls over the last week and today I decided to answer. It was a really nice lady calling to solve the mystery of the high usage. Not sure what she was going about she finally said, your most recent bill is going out for over $700. I was immediately interested in finding out more, can't imagine why. She started looking deeper into the bill she noticed that there were a ton of data calls being made from my phone, I explained that that was not possible since I don't use those services. She agreed that something seemed off and transferred me to the billing to dispute the charges.

I don't like that guy at all, he basically told me that I would have to pay them to send a detailed bill or print it and send them a copy with the disputed charges. He refused to look any further. Luckily I lost the call (they do that a lot out here)and went to the website anyway. Finally I went to print and found that there were 170 pages :( I opted to download it instead, did I mention I love Excel too? :)

The sort and filter feature showed without a doubt that the mysterious data calls had used over 3000 minutes on my phone alone, of which close to 1500 were charged to my anytime minutes :( I called them back immediately and the sweet lady from India, downloaded the bill and saw what I did and without any more fuss issued a credit. She then advised me to talk to tech support to figure out why the problem occurred so that it would not happen again.

I am thankful for their vigilance, it is nice to know that there is an entire department dedicated to looking for these types of issues, with the goal of making sure that the customer is taken care of. They work on modifying plans to get you the best value so that you never have to get an outrageous bill. I'm impressed :)

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