Saturday, May 30, 2009

Getting the hang of it and saying goodbye

We sold the 2 Dexter cows and 2 heifers to the same guy and promised to deliver. I was dreading the loading as it seems to always be a nightmare if you don't own (or know where to borrow) a loading chute. Anyway, I woke up thanks to a certain bull who kept mooing and didn't see dh so I got up and there he was outside already hooked up to the trailer and backed up to the corral area. He was about his morning routine and I went back to bed to play with the baby. EE woke up and noticed Lot and Quinn out of the pen, that got my attention. Fearing the worse I got my shoes on and walked outside. DH was walking over to the bull with a 2x4 over his shoulder, I inquired what was going on and it turned out that he had loaded the girls into the trailer (much to the dismay of the boys) and they escaped when dh tried to pull forward to close the gate. Lot's been crying ever since, lol, poor baby. Seeing dh they immediately walked back into their place and continued to cry for their women.

As I walked back to the house I realised that dh has really gotten a handle on working the cattle. He moves them around very well and today loaded them without me even knowing. Two days ago he roped sweetiepie so that we could finally get her ear tag in, and that was a comedy of errors, though more so because the tagger kept malfunctioning :( I am really impressed with how well he has done with this bunch, ornery as they were. We'll be picking up another lady for Lot on our way home. :)

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Slim said...

Why are you mooooooooovin your ladies out? Oh wait, did they belong to some one else that brought them for breeding?
Some day I'll be able to blog the hilarities & rarities of life on a farm!