Friday, July 31, 2009


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Today a friend posted about a visit they received to their farm, they are not registered with this program. Here is part of what she had to say:

We just had a man come to the door *AFTER* he walked our property and counted our animals. I was busy with kiddos, so didn't hear his truck and we don't have a big dog to bark anymore He insisted that he speak with us about our animals, and wanted to verify our records. We were expected to show tags, vax, and transport records on all of them

He didn't give me a card (should have asked, didn't think until after he was gone). I insisted that he was not welcome on the property and that he leave. He wanted to know what feed is used for the animals, he wanted to know details about age of each animal, etc.

He insisted that it is for the health of my animals and a good idea Even the chickens were part of his counts.

This happened in an area that registration is supposed to be voluntary, but it seems the government is attempting to go door to door if they have to, to try and intimidate those who have not yet done so.

It is time to call your local representatives and tell them you do not want this horrible legislation to continue. Check out No NAIS to find out more. We all need to fight this, even if you don't sell animals or own animals.

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