Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Production is on the rise :)

Last week Kansas continued to have a very severe heat wave, things looked bleak for the layers. As I mentioned, I started the hens on a new regimen to try to get their production back on track. They had been laying 3 eggs a day and are now up to 12 as of yesterday. We are on well water and while ice is nice, we discovered that our brood prefers their water in a puddle. They get really excited when we come out with the hose and wait for it to form a nice puddle and drink to their hearts content. My theory for this is that they are receiving a double benefit, 1. they are getting the cold water from the well and 2. they are able to cool their feet, which makes them feel cooler. We switched them to the higher protein feed for the energy boost and boy o boy did it help. Even the rooster is friskier, lol. A while ago a friend mentioned that you have to feed a cat if you want it to catch mice, well the same seems to hold true for chickens. You have to feed them to get them to free range, screwy ain't it, lol. They have been venturing out far and wide and enjoying the fruits of the land, they have dug nice spots to sit in the shade of the trees by the coop. There is an energy that they had been missing and now they are up to 1/2 production and we're working to get them back to full. I'll keep you posted. :)

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Katidids said...

Thats great! At least you know what you can do to help things along.. Keeping you all in my prayers

Tracy said...

Great to hear!

Janelle said...

Thanks Katidids :)