Monday, July 20, 2009

Total Slacker

I know, I've been a total slacker last week, I promise it is not to happen again. I got all caught up with my "job" and actually did some work, I could have been happily been blogging, lol. The good news is that the excessive temperatures have passed and the hens have been laying 17-18 eggs a day :) Dh, the children and I actually left the house and went to a birthday party, our goddaughter turned 1 this weekend. :) We have started skinning and gutting the whole chicken, a huge step in our poultry processing :) We have finally completed all of the meat birds that we got. We are missing them though, they were a great bunch and they always made us laugh. :)

On a sad note Sammy, our wonderful dog, has been missing since Sunday. He usually greats us in the morning and he was no where around, thinking he might be off chasing rabbits we left for the party. When we returned, we expected him to greet us but again he was a no show. It broke my heart as dh rode AR's bike around the property looking for a body or something . . . anything to explain his disappearance. We have begun calling for him every time we step outside, but he is yet to come running. We continue to pray that he will come home and that he is safe. He has been the best dog and can never be replaced. :(

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1 comment:

Kansas Mom said...

We're so sorry to hear about Sammy! We hope he comes home soon! We loved seeing you yesterday.