Monday, July 6, 2009

A few good things

If you missed Phelan's comment, Lot is a daddy again :) He is 2 for 2 heifers, he has 2 more due this year. We would love to keep him but keeping a registered Dexter bull is no longer a profitable endeavour. Here is the pic of the heifer called Louma

This week I have surpassed my 10% weight loss goal and I feel great. I don't think I've ever eaten this much and lost weight. I also seem to eat a lot more ice cream, but that might have to do with the summer heat. I am enjoying using weight watchers (I am surprised by that), it has been a really good experience. I like that the focus is not about being on a diet but making healthier choices. The filling food list is a great resource for putting together meals. I am 36% along on my road to losing 100lbs, I am really excited.

Of course changing ones diet is only part of the plan. I have been doing (though not as regularly as I should) T-Tapp and it really is a great 15 minute workout. Man is it a great sweat. I am hoping to try running as soon as I get a routine together. When I weighted in today I actually felt like going for a run I was so happy. That was a really odd concept for me, I am not sure when the thought of working out in any form sounded fun. :)

Dh is adjusting to the idea of not having a job to go to. We are really excited about this new business and the weeks that we have to wait to get it started will be difficult to contain our anxiety. Thank you for your continued prayers. Oh and so far I have not seen a whole lot of improvement on egg production so keep the hens in your prayers too, we have a standing ordering that will need to be filled on Wednesday or Thursday that they are slacking on, lol.

Speaking of chickens, Kellogg started back his attempts to attack so he will be featured in today's dinner. I was really pleased with the processing, I did it by myself. The kids really liked his plumage and plucked many feathers. I chickened out (pun not intended) on reaching in an getting out the innards but did go for a bone in breast and man were his legs and thighs dark. I am definitely going to be moving away from the CornishX meat birds and the Rhode Island Red roosters will be our new meat variety. I have 14 that I will be getting nice and fat. I will miss the meat birds though when they are all gone, they were funny little birds and we enjoyed having them around. I think even Sammy will miss them. Actually all of the barn animals will too, oh well, ce la vie.

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Diane said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I pray God will continue to help you and expedentially the weight will fall off!

Janelle said...

Thanks Diane.

Katidids said...

Just checking in that everythings've been pretty quiet. 8)