Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What a day!!

Actually this started last night. Dh came to pick me up from work and we noticed that the tire was going flat, so we headed to the QT for air. Thinking on his feet he also got a can of fix a flat. We continued on our way home and suddenly the tire blew out. We made it safely to the shoulder and got to working on changing the tire. We talked and laughed as we worked and as dh went to check on . . . I don't know what now . . . the expedition rolled back and slipped off the jack. :( Turns out dh forgot to put on the parking brake as we were on a hill.

The expedition was now too low for us to get the jack repositioned and the time was getting late. This is his last week of work and we didn't want him to run late. In a bind we got the number to the highway patrol and they sent someone out. We got the new tire on and as soon as we got the jacks out, discovered that the tire was very flat :( I asked the patrolman if he could take dh to the gas station across the highway but was told that he didn't have that kind of time. He wished us good luck and left.

Dh rolled the tire down the hill, jumped the fence and proceeded to walk to the gas station that we could see from the highway. 20 minutes later he returned with the aired up tire and we were once again in business. Things sounded a bit wobbly so I asked that we go to the gas station and get more air. We did and the children made quite a production of the matter. Can't blame them really we had been in the care for a few hours at that point.

AR was at his game 2 hours from our home and we were getting stressed as the coach was to be bringing him home and it was already 9:30pm and we were an hour from home. I got a hold of the coaches wife and discovered that the game was still going and they were a run behind. The game turned into a double as they won the first game. We were relieved.

We get home and could not fine Quinn and Lot, we were less than pleased. We locked Treva and Judd down and took care of the pigs and chickens. We drove around the pasture and down their usual road of choice, nothing. We drove around the rest of the property, lights on bright and finally found the boys. They went in quietly and we began working on the garden fence. Not one of our better communication moments. Dh went to work and AR came home (they lost the game, placing them 3rd).

I awoke to the sound of the phone ringing, it was dh. The spare blew out on his way home. :( I woke AR and had him go check to see if the ground was dry around the car and to try to get it out. He returned and told me that the car wouldn't start. Great, once again dh was stranded. Fortunately a nice neighbor brought him into town and he was able to get another ride to the house.

I called the local dealership and he felt certain that he didn't have the tires in stock. I called the towing company and they have a full service deal, he asked what size tires we have and I had no clue. i called the Ford place back and they didn't either. I was not impressed! The towing company came and got dh and the keys and for 3 hours he waited at their place.

While he was there i asked AR to get some scrambled eggs started as we bought eggs from a farm in Derby yesterday. We are sold out of our eggs so we have to buy eggs for the house, lol. Imagine his surprise/disgust when he cracked the egg and discovered a partially developing baby chick. :( Hoping it was a fluke he began cracking them a bit more carefully, he found 2 more. At that point we got out the brightest light we had and every egg in the house was checked. We found another 17. To say the least we will not be buying eggs from those people again!! I also had no interest in having eggs for breakfast anymore, can't imagine why!

The day is mostly over and I am now getting ready to go to work. We have an egg and chicken delivery that needs to be done and i have work that should get finished today. It's going to be a long day. :(

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Phelan said...

That is definitely some day! I thought mine was bad yesterday.

Katidids said...

Wow, I wont ask what else could go wrong cause then it would!
Left you an award on my blog!

Tracy said...

Janelle! You give me that name of that "trooper" that said he didn't have enough time to take you and the tire to the gas station, and I will make sure he doesn't make that mistake again! For shame! Their motto is service, courtesy and protection. He forgot the first two! (My dad was a KHP trooper, and he would never have left anyone stranded like that -- but then again they have all these new regulations and protocols and such they must follow that weren't around when Daddy was there). But I'll speak with his supervisor.

And hon -- when you are having trouble like that, call friends to help out! That's what friends are for, and I consider myself your friend. If I'm able I would be more than happy to drop everything and get you somewhere. I'm going to e-mail you with my cell phone number in case something like this comes up again.