Thursday, July 23, 2009


Of the days and nights you spent curled up by my boys and girls. Of the nights you barked relentlessly outside my window. Of the many cars and trucks you tried to follow. Of the times you sat waiting patiently for our return. Of all these things and more we will remember you.

Your sweet little face and big dog spirit. The rabbits you chased and the chickens you protected. We know now that you never stopped protecting the family, even till the end. We love you and miss you dearly, sweet puppy and friend.

Last night we were taking care of the animals when we heard a small band of coyotes howling and yipping :( Sammy was never one to back down from a fight and certainly never one to let trouble near the family. When it was just the one coyote, he was able to keep it at bay, but he wouldn't have stood a chance with a group.

Dh got the shot gun and crossed the street to see if he could get them but they had already moved along. When he went to the gas station this morning many of the other farmers were also complaining that the coyotes seem to be running rampant this year :(

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Tracy said...

ah man. I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. That is rough. We are down to just one dog ourselves (the others got old and died) and she is nearly blind. I'm looking to get another dog soon, I hope.

Did you get any of the bad weather (hail, wind) with all that rain?

Janelle said...

Thanks Tracy. :( We did get the high winds and hail, it was really scary. Thank the Lord we had minimal damage.

Katidids said...

We get them up on our carport & around the house at night, we have a older golden retriever & he would not stand a chance. We keep a shot gun over the door now.