Tuesday, July 21, 2009


We are standing in faith that this is the path that God wants for us but jeez this waiting is exhausting. Money is . . . super duper tight, at this point I am avoiding even the free section on craigslist as I can't afford to use the gas to pick up whatever it is, that I probably don't need but always wanted, lol. Some day we will be caught up and maybe then we'll have a chance to breathe again, that'll be nice.

Dh has begun baking bread daily (it is SO good!!!!). Go figure, he had never baked bread before, I give him a recipe and he adapts it and makes it better. It is taking a lot of will power not to overindulge and blow my daily and weekly points. I'm going to be flying solo come the end of the month as my WW 3 month subscription comes to an end, self control will be key.

I have been more active that I have been in the past and am more helpful around the farm, I even went out and took card of the unsuspecting garden. We had a bunch of plants show up that were from last years pig pen and I have now transformed that area into the new garden spot. It is a great location. The grape vine is the only problem :( I'll have to put some thought into how I will get it moved over. We know that they are some watermelon among the vines, but the others are still a bit of a mystery cantaloupe, the mystery has been solved. :) I spoke with a friend who suggested that the mystery fruit might be cantaloupe and low and behold when I searched for an image of the plant it was the same one growing wild in my garden :) Luckily the kids, pigs and chickens LOVE cantaloupe!!!

Well I am working my way to the end of the week and frankly it can't be here fast enough. I pray that we will get caught up by the end of next week as this week we are receiving Dh's final paycheck. Wallyworld stopped our health insurance effective his last day of work :( Pray we will stay healthy till we get alternative coverage.

The car is still stuck in the mud thanks to the delightful storms. And finally Sammy is still not back home and I'm beginning to feel like he never will return. I'm not ok with that possibility (reality) at this point so I will go check the grain bins later and maybe a few of the holes around the property.

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girlymama said...

my m-i-l makes homemade bread when she comes to visit - heaven!!
i bought a weight watchers kit off of ebay for $20 and used that - its a ton cheaper than joining or going to meetings. especially if you already know the basics!
good luck!

Jen said...

Homemade bread is the best!

Janelle said...

I love homemade bread!!! I will look for the WW kit on ebay, thanks for the tip :)