Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Day

Today we had our septic pumped, it cost twice what we expected :( Not cool - bad dh, nah not really but ouch! Our pasture fence project is complete, YAY!!! Dh tells me that they did a great job, I'll let you know...

At 1pm dh met up with a nice lady from another small town at a half way point and picked up (10) 8 month old buffs, laying hens. We have 2 buffs but they are not yet up to laying age, in addition we have a black layer that lives in our barn and then a couple others we got for free :)

At 3pm he picked up a beautiful gilt to be bred by our boar. She looks like babe or one of those tv type pigs and she has 9 nipples on each side, that's a lot! She is perfectly sized with our other pigs as she is about the same age. Dh maneuvered her beautifully to get her out of the trailer and planned it really well to keep the other 3 occupied while their pen was sitting open. It's always nice when these things can be done incident free.

The buffs were then introduced to their new home and 1 was so excited on the trip we found an egg in the crate, lol. I was pleased that all 10 birds fit the crate without any issue, it was always intended to be a nesting box. The new girls and the old will be on lock down for the next few days so that they get used to the coop.

On another note we were really discouraged to find a chicken half eaten, we know that it wasn't sammy or dusty, so we will need to be a bit more cautious with the birds during the day and night.

My little man turned 4 today and in honor of the occasion dh ordered him a john deere cake and a blue pizza. Unfortunately the pizza guy forgot how to dye the dough, lol, but he did get the cheese blue :) We also started actively potty training him and IL, YAY!! She seems to be getting the hang of it much faster I'm afraid :( It may have to do with the oh so cool trucks and stuff on those dang pull-ups. Either way we have kept them in big kid undies for most (the boy is crafty and found a pull-up while I wasn't looking) of the day. There have been only a couple accidents :)


Theresa said...

Bling for you by me :)

Sunny Optimist said...

The girl is obsessed with hand washing, of COURSE she is picking up the potty thing faster...she gets to hand wash EVERYTIME! :) Just doesn't seem like a fair fight. Happy Birthday Scottie!!!! :)