Friday, June 19, 2009

Scortched Earth & God's Grace *Pics*

Dh went to secure the back barn doors when he noticed some smoke in our east pasture next to the house. It was a strange place to see smoke as we don't do anything on that side yet. But there it was huge flames engulfing the weeds and as he dove in circles trying desperately to knock them down and put them out, he noticed that the fire had spread further back towards the pole barn. Realising he could not do it alone, he called 911.

While all this commotion was going on I was sitting peacefully in my room posting pics and checking email. I was completely oblivious to the whole situation, I didn't even smell any smoke. The children ran into my room and announced that the fire department was here and I immediately got up. Then they told me that they had already put out the fire, I was a bit more frantic now as I was not aware of any fire. They took me to the window and I could see the trucks right next to my room still spraying water, though there was no more flames.

I thank God for his protection and mercy. Pics to follow.

And of course with all the smoke dh never saw the mud and now the car is stuck, UGH!!

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Katidids said...

Oh, my land! your sound like me, when I get focused on one thing I often do not hear any thing else! Hope alls ok! At least a burn is normally good for the soi, just messy laundry if the children get into it!

Janelle said...

The worse part is that my hubby told me that the fire trucks had their lights and sirens on, I really must be out of it . . . scary!

Slim said...

Any clue what started the fire? That is definitely scary! Glad no one got hurt!!!