Saturday, June 27, 2009

mixed flock

We started to buy chickens a few weeks ago and as demand for eggs rose we have added to the flock. For some reason we have lost a few here and there and it is very distressing. Much like calves, the stress of travel and heat can be a big factor to their survival. We have been having 100+ days with high humidity. Last night dh didn't get the new birds locked down and 3 went astray, we haven't found them and as we were putting together a new nesting box I saw a fox scampering away :( Sammy may need some help keeping the meat birds safe, we have a couple sold and are hoping that things will pick up.

Kellogg is no longer the alpha rooster and has been less of an issue since his demotion. He seems to have taken on the role of sentry and guards the perimeter, crowing back and forth to update the status. it's a bit sad but the 2 new roosters are not aggressive to people and we prefer it that way. The ladies are adjusting to each other, now that there is a new nesting box I am hoping that they will be able to spread out more. The coop will need to be expanded, we are only 1/4 of the way to where I hope to be as far as the number of layers (23, soon to be 26). For now we will continue to build our customer base.

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