Sunday, June 14, 2009

The squatter and the chicken chaser

Last night my younger daughter went to help dh get some laundry done when she noticed a squatter sleeping in the laundry room. He'd wandered in and had taken up semi-residence without us noticing. She immediately alerted dh, but having said goodbye to Dusty just an hour before he decided to let the squatter stay the night. After all, dh and AR had already penned up all the other chickens for the night.

This morning my youngest son woke up bright and early and proceeded to round up said chicken and get him out of the house. He was totally excited by the chase and they ran through the living room, squatter had ventured out this morning, and around the kitchen. When he finally got him to the little hallway, I reminded him that he needed to open the door to let the chicken out, the door and screen flew open and out went the chicken. Ah the joys of farm life :)

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1 comment:

Katidids said...

Thats to funny, I can just see them running around trying to catch it! Bet you laughted for a while