Saturday, June 13, 2009

A wonderful evening, turns gray

Dh and the children sat outside watching the turtle that he rescued from the middle of the road. It's funny how fascinating it is to just sit there and wait patiently for the turtle's head to emerge and take a nibble at what ever morsle of food it finds appealing. Earlier HG also found a frog that she named 'Joe' but has since set him free.

Finally bored with their new turtle friend, the children wandered over to the stock trailer, aka their clubhouse. They were surprised to find a very mangled Dusty, barely breathing and already being attacked by flies :( DH brought them in and got the shot gun, HG looked at him and asked why he was getting the gun. We looked at eachother and debated quickly on who should give her this talk. We did it together, she was a bit shocked but took it in stride.

Goodbye Dusty, we love and miss you. :(

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Kathleen said...

That is so sad. I still remember as a child when my dad went out and shot the pet rabbit. she had given birth and then was covered in flies and eggs - if you know what I dad sent us inside but I still remember hearing that shot. The babies didn't survive even though we tried to feed them etc.

Sunny Optimist said...

so what happened? Did some animal attack D or something? Should Sammy be afraid for his life? What HAPPENED?

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. Our cat died just a few weeks - tragic dryer accident. *hugs*