Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sarah's Shrimp Wontons

Sarah's Shrimp Wontons

1 package of wonton wrappers (100)
2 - 3 cups of oil. I prefer sesame, but if I don't have enough, I put half vegetable oil and half sesame, to still get the flavour,
1 egg white mixed with 1/4 cup milk to thin it out (for sealing wontons)

(For filling)
1/2 lb. of finely chopped de-veined & peeled shrimp
1/2 lb. of ground pork
2 tbs. grated garlic
1 tbs. grated ginger
2 tsp. salt
1/4 cup finely chopped chives
1 egg yolk

Gather all ingredients for filling in a large bowl and combine till fully mixed. It should clump together reasonably well at this point. As a tester for the flavor, I just take a tiny bit and cook it in a small frying pan to ensure that the flavour is right. If not, then just add a little more of whatever may be missing, in my case it is usually salt. Just be careful that there isn't too much salt if you'll be serving them with soy sauce...
Once this is ready, get some flat surfaces to lay them once you have formed them. I recommend sitting at a table to do this....
Take one wrapper, and place it flat on your working surface so one of the corners is pointing towards you. Take a teaspoon (or a teeny bit less) of the filling and place it a little bit below the middle of the wrapper. Brush on some of the egg white mixture around the filling and the up to the other corners. Take the corner that is closest to you and pull it over the filling to meet the top corner. As you are doing this, seal around the filling and flatten the base of the wonton by pushing up and apply slight pressure over the wrapper to ensure that the filling is fully sealed in. Once you have done this, it should be triangular in shape with a flat base that is parallel to you. Put some of the egg white mixture along that same base, and draw the edges in towards one another, sealing them. Ensure that your fingers are as dry as possible when doing this so that the two sides stick together. Lay it flat on the platter and then continue. It sometimes takes a few funky looking ones before getting it right. When you are done, heat your oil up to about 350 degrees and fry them six at a time (turn 2 or 3 times wile they are cooking) until they are golden brown. Do a tester to ensure that it cooks all the way through...if not, turn the heat down a little and cook them for a little longer. Drain on paper towels and serve.

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