Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hens are funny

I was so amused when we brought home our new rooster, Kellogg. He is huge and oh so pretty, he is a Dark Brahma.

The minute we opened his cage and he strutted up to the coop the hens took notice. This pretty boy really got their attention. From the Orpingtons to the leghorn and the Rhode Island reds, all the ladies perked up and started primping. Dust baths were quickly had and a quick ruffle of the feathers to try to get his attention. The Buffs being the shyer set eventually congregated in a corner like a bunch of middle school girls. The reds were not so shy and quickly flocked to his side.

As he strutted through the coop and surveyed the new digs the hens followed him around. When he walked outside around the little bush paradise they followed. The ladies are very pleased. The leghorn girls are feisty though, on the walk back to the front of the coop he and one of the leghorns got into it. She is just a little bitty thing compared to him but she was not backing down. lol. They finally just went they separate ways.

The hens don't stray too far from the coop and come home before dark, usually, but Kellogg was not done surveying the property and refused to be penned up until he was ready. After all there is another community of chickens he was yet to impress with his good looks and charm :) The meat birds however were not impressed and took no notice of the stud in their presence. They are cow people and spend their days playing with the pigs, cows and dogs. They feast on all kinds of fun things, and find treats even in the burn pile. They truly are hogs with feathers, but I like em that way. The prissy layers are shy to try new foods, the meat birds figure why not. They can clean a watermelon better than anyone, I'm hoping that they are planting the seeds in the process, lol. On a side note, looks like we will have lots of pumpkins this year. Last years pumpkin deal are mysteriously growing in the old pig pen, lol.

All in all I really am enjoying the chickens and am happy to report that we have a standing order for 66 eggs a week so far :) I am hoping to have an order for another 24 when I go back to work on Monday. Eggs won't make you rich but they will help cover the cost of feeding and keeping the birds.

Oh and another thing, the little weirdos sleep in clusters, even on warm and humid nights. Why must everyone sleep in that corner? A few are smart enough to sleep on the other perches but there is a big group that insists on sleeping in the corner on the shelf. They all only lay in one spot and fight to get in there. There is one hen who got all broody last night thanks to this issue, her brain was tricked, she saw 7 eggs and figured it was time to hatch some babies. Poor girl. Well, it's almost time to check for eggs ;)

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Dana said...

Aw, how sweet! Our four little hens have a few more months before their first eggs, but I'm hoping to get them a rooster. We'll see. I don't want the neighbors upset with me, though they are allowed here.