Saturday, September 13, 2008

A great day

Ok so the weather is lousy and the highways are closed due to flooding, it means dh gets to stay home and that sounds awesome to me :) Today the rains wasn't so bad and we decided to trek into town to pick up a movie. Having never been to the little movie place/antique store dh took us all with him. A wonderful thing as I got to do a little shopping, all books were 10 for $1, I got 3 large thermoses and a coffee mug for 4 for $1, a milking bucket for $3 and some great knives for a quater. The wonderful finds just kept coming. A glorious day. Then the guy from the local grocery appraoched dh to see if we wanted the old fruit and vegies for our pigs, we got 6 cases of stuff @ $3. He even took our number to call us when they have more and most times they'll just give it to us instead he said :) The pigs were in their glee when we gave them the first box of stuff. Gotta run.

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Kansas Mom said...

What fun!

Kansas Dad spent the day wading in and out of our crawlspace (which has 6 inches of water) in order to turn the water off and on again at the house because some pipe broke in the bathroom while he was fixing the toilet. So that wasn't very fun and took up most of the day that was supposed to be for cleaning and finishing the painting.

He's in for another long night...but it looks like we're going to be able to move in tomorrow...despite the rain.