Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Milking Machine Project Update

Ok after a bit more research I found that a vacuum tank would be beast for my little set up. It would look similar to this one from Hamby.

After searching the internet and calling the local auto parts I found that the going rate for a 5 gallon air tank (which will being substituted for this project) was around $35-$40. Finally I called wallyworld as they have an automotive department also and found that they carry an Air Stream, 7 gallon carry tank for $22.88. (this is not the actual tank but it is close)

I ordered an "O" ring, replacement parts kit and 2 adaptors 5/8 X 1/2 for a grand total w/ shipping of $57.92. (Hamby)

So for those of you following at home here is the cost to date:
Milker - $118
Vacuum pump - $78.95
Vacuum tank - $22.88
parts - $57.92
wagon - $50.00
Total - $327.75

Since there was a "mix up" on my vacuum pump and the wrong model number was listed I am hoping that it will still work for this application. If not I have looked at a few others that should work and will resell this one to buy that one.

Other misc thing we bought include:
4 2 gallon ice tea jugs
1 pack of cheese cloth
1 large funnel
2 Styrofoam (that's all they had) ice chests
4 bags of ice
dry ice
bottle brush

These items did not contribute to the making of my portable milking machine so their cost ($55) is not included in the total.

I will take a pic as soon as it is fully assembled as dh has to bring the tank and wagon home. Not to mention I have to wait for my parts from Hamby, thank goodness they ship via UPS.

I am so excited to be going to see this jersey cow tomorrow. DH is excited too, every time I spoke to him he kept asking if I was excited, lol. I am still pricing the milk jugs as there doesn't seem to be an affordable place to buy online. I know, there must be, everyone else has them!! Quit pressuring me, I'm working on it :)

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