Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Storms and fence

Turns out that electric fences and thunder storms do not mix. We woke up to find that the bad portion of our fence had gone down, a tricky situation when you are in the middle of feeding animals. We hurried them into the barn, they were not amused. DH then worked to extend and get the wires back up and running. When I came back out to help he told me that the electricity wasn't getting through. It occurred to me at that moment that he should test it with his hand and not the tester. Turned out the tester had died :( At least the elcetricity was working and we were able to let the cows back out. They are now closer to the pig pen and Lot keeps butting the pen. The Calves however are tickled to have the pigs to sniff at and the pigs love the butterfly kisses from the calves :) All in all it was a great experience and we were thankful not to have to "find" any of the cows. :)

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