Monday, September 15, 2008

The right place at the right time

Dh picked up the kids from school and stopped in quickly at the local grocery and can you believe they already had more stuff for us, this time for free :) There were boxes of lettuce and fruit and veggies, the pigs are really enjoying their new cuisine :)

Dh is going to college part time this semester and there has been no end of headaches with the school he went to last semester. They would not even give him a copy of his GED :rolls eyes: Luckily the school he is going to understand and are working with us.

The cows are loving the wonderful new pasture area. They have never been in the arena (with our permission that is). Lot and the other little bulls are having fun stomping around in the wild sunflowers, while the cows and heifers wander around checking out the new digs. We are hoping to start on milking on Wednesday, wish us luck :)

And as always, I love small town doctor's office's, we called to get an appointment for AR and they worked it out to be right after school tomorrow, lol. They are always really well prepared for our visits and make sure they have enough staff on hand to help out.

AR's teacher called and asked if it'd be ok to pick him up and take him to practice to help out if I need it and she talked to the coach to make sure that someone could get him to games. We probably won't need it but it was so nice that they thought of us. It's been a while since a new family of many has moved to town, everyone seems to be enjoying it.

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