Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Milking Chronicles: Day 3

We made butter, YAY!!! I'll come back to that. This mornings milking was a mcuh smoother process, she is getting used to where she is supposed to be and that makes it much easier to lead her. When she is done she runs back into the corral pen, lol. Lover boy Lot has settled down and waits patiently for the milking to be over and his gate to open. Then he makes his way to stand and adore her, lol. It's like a cattle version of Romeo and Juilet, lol :)

After a much needed nap, I got up skimmed the cream once more and gave the jar to AR to start shaking, the timing was wonderful as he was being pciked up for flag footbal in 25 minutes. He shook for about 7 minutes and we started passing it on to the next set of young arms. When they needed a small break I began rolling the jar across the table to HG. It was a lot of fun and after 20 minutes the butter was visible. We kept shaking to get as much as we could out. Then I strained off the butter milk into a jar and began washing the butter with clean water. The final butter was lightly salted and put in a sandwich bag in the fridge. It was really wonderful on toast. YUM!!


Kansas Mom said...

Yum! Butter!

Janelle said...

I want to try making honey butter and other types of falvored butter :)