Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Adventures

Well, the day has finally come to an end and of the three tasks two were completed successfully :) We woke up early and got to Church on time, YAY!!! As soon as we got back home the first appointment arrived, unfortunately they were here to see Marian, who was not very happy about being separated from Keanu :( She was not very cooperative and we attempted to try to run her through the stanchion and after several attempts discovered once we got her in that her horns were too wide for the opening. :( We'd have to get her in there willingly so she could turn her head. I'll let you know how that goes.

The next couple arrived within minutes of the first on motorcycle, they were here to look at Lot and determine his suitability to service their girls :) He met with their approval and will be going to visit their farm next weekend. It was wonderful to meet others who were on the same journey and learn a few things in the process. You can read more about their adventures here

Our last couple came to pick up the calves, the plan was simple, close all the possible spaces that the calf can see and make the crate the only option. Well the problem with life is that hind sight is 20/20 and while we were preparing I thought I should tie the gate to the trailer but figured the space was too small so it's be ok, wrong. We were able to run Keegan into the crate without much incident, then Keanu jumped the tire thingy and was headed to the highway. :( I was a very unhappy camper at this point. She is not an easy girl to catch as she is not trained to treats. Well after several stings of the electric fence in an attempt to get to her mama,(all the cows had raced over to get a better look at the action), we finally got her in the barn. We set up once more to block off ALL the areas of escape and better positioned ourselves to "convince" her in :)

We tied Keegan as we didn't want him to escape and he did beautifully, I'm gonna miss that boy :( At this point it was time to let the hellion free, lol. The barn doors were opened and she came running out and headed away from us. This gave dh enough time to close the barn doors and then move in behind her. After a few moments we were able to get her loaded up and once in she immediately started to look to the sky for a way out, lol. Extra straps were added to the top to reinforce the top and they were securely in. As soon as the paperwork was handed over and signed they were off, I hope that Keegan and Keanu will bring them a lot of beautiful babies :)

I am exhausted and in desperate need of a foot massage. In between all of that I also completed my section of a team paper and got it submitted :) All in all a very productive Sunday, but I need a nap.


Phelan said...

Wow, you did have a busy day. We ran out of gas before hiting Caldwell after leaving your house. We had to push the bike. fun fun.

Janelle said...

Oh wow, so you got to have your own adventure. There should be a way to put a gas can on a motorcycle, hmmm, if it could still look cool we could be billionaires :)