Saturday, September 20, 2008

heifers, babies and job

Well I have 3 little heifers I will be going to see on Monday and should be bringing home on Thursday. Tomorrow is a HUGE day at the farm as the couple who bought the calves are picking up, a couple is looking at Marion and another couple is coming to take a look at Lot and determine his suitability to "service" their herd for a few weeks, lol :)

Finally after weeks of calls and unkept appointments, DH was able to get to meet face to face with the owner. We are waiting for the background check to clear and he will have the job, we are so relieved :)

And on another note we are pleased to be expecting our 6th baby and are excited to meet the newest member sometime in May :) The kids are so excited they're rooting for a boy :) lol.

Well I'm off to start my paper, have a good one :)


Kansas Mom said...

Hooray on all of the above!

Godparents to each other's children and I learn about new baby on the blog??

I'm not going to lie to you...I've got all I can handle with my three at the moment. I'm hoping First Son will grow to be more like A every year.

Janelle said...

LOL, you have been in moving mode. I didn't want to interrupt, the unpacking process, lol.

Second daughter is still little, I felt very done while I was pregnant with H, but there was a change of heart not too long after :)

BTW dh is putting in his notice tonight :)