Monday, September 22, 2008

Visiting some heifers - buying tips

Well I must say I was a bit disappointed. I guess I figured that my girls were tempermental and skiddish because I hadn't figured out how to handle them properly. I visited a fellow Dexter owner's farm today and while his animals were beautiful they were the most unfriendly animals I had ever met. It is strange to meet a group of animals that are not even slightly curious enough to smell you.

TIP:plan on spending at least a couple hours if you are going to look at an animal. You should never buy site unseen, no matter how good the price is. If you talk to an owner long enough you will find out a lot about your potential buy. For example: He told me that one of the heifer's Dam has a mean kick that the heifer has started showing. This is important information if you are planning to milk.

TIP:look very carefully at the teets of the dam, while it isn't a sure thing it is a good indicator of what the heifer will look like (of course if you can get close enough you need to check out the heifer too).

All in all the calf that was sold out from under me (yes I'm still bitter), which was the heifer I originally wanted to buy and got this process rolling, was in deed the best of the 3 and not an option. :(

I have opted not to look at anymore Dexter's this season. The guy had some beautiful bulls but I don't think dh will let me bring home anymore right now. The jersey cow lead is proving to be rather interesting, I'll let you know morew once I've had a chance to follow it through.

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Phelan said...

you'll need to come meet my girls. They follow me around, push me around, and love to be scratched. They are tempermental and don't like men too much. But not all dexters are skidish.