Sunday, September 21, 2008

What is up with people

OK, I totally get that everyone needs to make a buck to survive but if you say you're holding something then you should, jeez!!! When last we spoke "random Dexter seller" I had told him that I would be coming Monday to see the 3 heifers and paying for them, to be picked up on Thursday. Today we talk and he tells me that since I didn't call Friday night, to get the registration numbers that he told me where I could fine them, that he'd gone ahead and sold one of the heifers I was supposed to get. :( On the one hand I am totally pissed and really irritated but on the other hand I am a little relieved as that was "horned" heifer that he thought would have scours rather than real horns.

On a totally other note I am following up a lead I have on a jersey, we'll see where God leads us on this :)

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