Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The journey to baby #6: Part 1

This pregnancy is unlike every one of my other pregnancies, for one thing I have not had the urge to throw up, not even once. It is entirely possible that this is attributable to the fact that every pregnancy is different or some mumbo jumbo like that but, I prefer to think I have finally figured out how to circumvent this previously recurring theme. :) That would be eat protein as soon as you can in the morning and make sure that you are taking a vitamin high in B6 - the prenatal supplement I am currently taking is by Melaleuca and contains 400% daily value in 3 tablets but I only take 2 (don't ask). So far so good (knock on wood), if you could keep us in your prayers for a healthy baby, healthy pregnancy and uneventful delivery - yes we are home birthing once again (provided the pregnancy remains normal). Thanks.


Kelly said...

YES! That protein and B vitamin thing really works!

I hope you have a wonderful, healthy, and uneventful pregnancy!

Congrats on number 6!!

[from homestead forum]

Janelle said...

Thanks Kelly, thanks for stopping by. :)

Lucky said...