Wednesday, March 18, 2009

All kinds of good stuff :)

We dropped the kids off the night before at a dear friend's so that we could take SL to the hospital for 8am. The check-in didn't take as long as they'd planned and the OR was running behind on the surgery scheduled before us. My little guy was a real trooper through it all though. I was really proud of him, he never cried or got scared. They didn't allow us to go with him for the anestesia, nor were we allowed to be there when he woke up :( I am not sure what was going through his 3year old mind at those times but he was brave through it all. They told us that he should wake within 30-45 minutes but after an hour has passed with no word we started to ask for some update. The volunteer informed us that typically it takes closer to 2 hours. At 1.5 hours in the nurse called to let the volunteer know that he was sleeping so peacefully that they didn't want to wake him, it was a relief to hear something. 30 minutes later he was awake and we went back to the ped unit, where he had to consume 8oz of liquid to be released. When we got to the hospital SL had seen a blue piggy bank in the gift shop window and asked if he could have it, I naturally said yes. Dh and I picked it up while he was in surgery and a large Dora balloon. He really likes the blue pig as he calls it, it has a musical component that we hadn't expected so now we always have to keep pennies on hand. :sigh: Anyway, we took lots of pics so here they are:


Sunny Optimist said...

wow. sometimes I forget how little he is (what he lacks in size he usually makes up for in attitude ;-) He looks so little here though! Glad he is A-OK! :) And hey! It was all worth it for a big blue pig! hee hee

ps: I really need to tone down the exclamation points. Wow. I am b-a-d.

Kansas Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well (which I know you said yesterday) and to see these cute pictures! I can't imagine sending my little one off to surgery alone! You were all in my thoughts and prayers.

Janelle said...

It's amazing how mature he has become. He is even good about his bandage, he hasn't tried to take it off even once.

Anonymous said...

what a handsome, brave little man! I am so glad that you all made it through.


JLB said...

oooo can I have a pig too???

Glad he's doing okay :)

matthew archbold said...

My daughter got her tonsils taken out. I was nervous as heck. She was cool as can be.
Glad your son's doing well.