Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Live at 3am

Loud knocking at the door. "Hello Officer" I say half asleep. "Ma'am, do you have a Guernsey cow with a calf?" "No" I reply hoping it's not what I think it is, "I have a Jersey". "Well Ma'am they are clear down the highway by clearwater and 175th, there is the Jersey with the little calf and about 5 others" he replies nicely. "CRAP!!" that was all I could get out at the time. Then I explained that the kids were asleep and dh was at work. I was in luck, this guy knows dh and called him at the store since my cell was dead.

Update @ 3:20am
Dh was on his way home when AR told me that the cows were back on our lawn. I got my boots and jacket on and headed out the door. Since my animals are of a pet temperament they were easily herded by the officer and they willingly came home. The officer opened the gate and I talked them back into the corral area. Of course the arena was still open so they headed there. I then explained to the officer that they could probably get out there so we went to get them back in the corrals for the night. I tripped and fell over a pile of who knows what. quickly picked myself up and the officer continued to round them up.

Turns out he has a "small" herd of 60 longhorn that he manages. He was really impressed how easy our cows were and very surprised that Judd was not actually Treva's baby. I then thanked the kind officer and went back in the house.

Dh arrived home at 3:32, to find the whole situation wrapped up. I'm going to bed now.

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