Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Truth in advertising

I was going to post about the surgery today (it went very well, thanks for your prayers) but then I stumbled across this and had to post it instead.

I have lots of JUNK furniture for sale.
If you want antiques, I can call them that.
If you want retro, I can call them that as well.
If you want an old couch with rips, tears and dog hair, I have that too.
If you want solid oak that has been attacked with an axe so you can refinish it, yeap, I have it.
Need an excellent couch with a cigarette burn in it? You guessed it. Have it right here waiting to be picked up!!!
Name your JUNK furniture fetish and I'm sure I'll have something to fit the bill.

Now, I know I'm in competition with a lot of JUNK furniture dealers on here, but I can assure you that my JUNK is better than their JUNK!!!!

Just let me sucker you, errrr, I mean, name my own ridiculious price and it can be your's.

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