Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A word from our sponsor . . . oh right, that's me :)

I was recently under fire on a homesteading board over the life and death of Valentine. One member went so far as to direct others to my blog in an attempt to show my inconsistency (though I think it was more about showing my inadequacy). I don't claim to know everything or much of anything for that matter. I went into this with a head full of ideas of how things would/could be and living in the dream life that the books talked about. The people I talked to made it seem as easy as the books did, so I resolved that I could do this. More days than not that resolve is tested, it was especially true when my health became a factor and my dh had to take over most of the day to day.

But we pushed forward and I continued to keep you updated, taking you all on our journey. We've had some of the best times of our life and some of the worse. The thing about life is that you will not always make the right decisions and in retrospect it may not have even been the best decision, but you have to live with the consequences and learn from it. I could be that person who throws in the towel and says no more, I can't or it's too hard . . . but it's not my nature. I don't give up, I do better next time.

For those who read this blog because they are thinking about homesteading/farming/life in the country/whatever, remember this; life isn't always pretty, stuff always happens especially when you don't want it to and you can only be so prepared for everything, until you're not; so pick yourself up, dust yourself(and pride - it will take quite the beating from time to time) off and get back on track or make a new way. I hope to see you on the rest of this journey. God Bless.


Kansas Mom said...

Good post, Janelle! You know we hope to be on your path soon and really appreciate your honesty on this blog. It gives us much food for thought and helps prepare us for what lies ahead. We are continually amazed at all you and your DH strive to do (and accomplish!). Not to mention your wonderful children! Know that you are in our prayers.

JLB said...

Some people can be really heartless. There's no reason to criticize you for Valentine. Bad things happen on every homestead everywhere and they should just back off. One of my teachers used to quote "when we stop learning we are dead" I think there was a lot of truth to that, but some people just can't understand. Good luck and *hugs*

Anonymous said...

hang in there, we all make mistakes, we all learn, we all grow stronger...if we didn't, we would be in the crowd that gave up ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi, just found your blog today. As a former dairy farmer I can assure you that you did nothing wrong. Valentine was not healthy from birth. A normal calf has a great suck reflex and will down a 2 quart bottle twice a day with no problem. Each feeding should take no more than a few minutes. A healthy calf will be up and running around shortly after birth. They will also start nibbling on grass or hay within a few days of birth. Granted they won't consume much at first, but they will start tasting solid food that early.

Farming can be tough. Nature culls out sick and weak animals. Makes it all the more sweet to be able to watch a healthy animal thrive under your care.

Sheila Z

Annette said...

I'm thinking those peeps are not long term readers of your blog if so they would have seen that you are not cruel or unkind. Bad things happen to good people. I love your blog and am glad to see that you are not disheartened. Keep up the great blogging!

Janelle said...

Thank you all :)