Sunday, March 29, 2009

The right place at the right time

I had hoped to have about 50 meat birds and 25 egg layers and 25 breeders. I was really bummed when so many of our chicks died and the Yoder auction didn't have any chicks either. We continued to work with the chicks we have and have really learned a lot from these little guys. Most of them have 75% of their feathers and are used to the idea of night and day in the box setting. The have really taken to the box as home, though we will have to move them soon given that they are getting so tall. They can jump pretty high and if they get a little lift they can get on top of the box. They really like walking around and seeing whats going on, then they hop back in.

Today I sent dh to Orschlen's to get more chick feed and while there he noticed that they had a bunch of chick that were the size of our chicks. They were priced comparably to what we paid so I ok'd the purchase of a few more, when he went to ask the lady she made him an even sweeter deal. If we took all of the big ones they have then they would only charge us 41% of the asking price per bird. So instead of $1.79, we got 53 for $0.75 a piece. I had to laugh, because these are all Cornish cross chicks which are meat birds, lol.

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