Friday, March 13, 2009

Loose ends and prayer requests

This weekend we hope to get the mobile home in viewable shape, we have opted to pay it off and sell it. Please keep us in prayer as we do this, I am still sore and having to take Lortab to get through the day :( We need to get this done, we cannot afford to continue paying 2 mortgages.

SL will be going in for surgery on Monday, we will have to be there at 8am. Please pray that it will all go well and that he will not be kept overnight. I am praying that he will not be too afraid, when the time comes. Maybe they'll let us be there so that he won't be so scared, I don't know. Anyone have this done for a child?

Judd has been out with the herd for some time now and has really become part of the herd. I think Treva is a bit frustrated being 6 months pregnant and having him always following her around. She has given birth to 3 calves but she has never had one by her side, I imagine it is a bit of an adjustment.

Quinn will be have a chance to be of Service this year as he heads off to a friend's farm to service Zella. He is young, eager, willing and ready, lol. I'm sure Sweetiepie will be relieved to get a break from his constant attention, lol.

I am a bit concerned about Christmas, she doesn't look as big as she should if my date estimates are correct, I guess time will tell. But I could swear she was much bigger when she was pregnant with Sweetiepie, to be fair that is based on seeing her the day before she gave birth, lol.


Amy said...

I don't know how old your child is but most places let you stay with the kids till they go back to surgery and then when they wake up in recovery - or go to what they call recovery 2 - then they'll come get you to be with your child again. So the child really never knows that you're not with them because they're asleep or still under the effects of the anesthesia.

Good luck!

Janelle said...

Thanks Amy. My little guy is 3 and would definately not respond well if he was taken to surgery awake.