Thursday, March 26, 2009

There's a storm a brewing

The weatherman (can't trust those guys) says we can expect anywhere from 7-15 inches of snow between tomorrow and the weekend. I'm really not in the mood for snow, isn't there someone I can call or write to take care of this? There really should be.

We posted the piano from the mobile home on craigslist for free, someone is coming to pick it up this afternoon. The mobile home has had a few offers, we will be continuing to accept offer through Sunday and make a decision on Monday. Please pray that we can have this over with quickly.

On a high note, I was very pleased with my new doctor and hope that she will understand/comply with my wishes to have very little to no poking and prodding from the nurses etc on the big day.


Kansas Mom said...

I didn't know you'd decided to change doctors. I'm glad it's working out for you!

We probably won't get all that snow. They always seem to get too excited about such things.

Of course, Kansas Dad could use a snow day to finish his paper...

Froggie said...

I love Craig's list. Sometimes there is some pretty good stuff on there, and sometimes it is just flat-out trash. I guess you take the good with the bad. Most of my equipment and supplies I buy from dealers but every now and than I look for something kind of weird and often I do manage to find it.

I hope your new physician works out well for you. However, if you want to deliver with a minimal amount of examination from the nurses, then your best bet is to do a home birth. Honestly, we
don't usually enjoy placing our hands in other peoples personal spaces, but we need to do it to check for placement, degree of effacement,station breech--all kinds of reasons. We would be liable if we went through a whole procedure and never examined the person and trust me, it would be a huge liability. If you want to have a minimal amount of examination, then just ask to sign a paper that says you are refusing examinations from the nurses. That should put the nurses and the hospital in the clear. There have been quite a great number of successes with home births, and indeed the mothers that we have spoken to that have chosen that route are generally very happy with their decision.

Many blessings and good Karma on your journey

Janelle said...

Kansas Mom - We decided that the previous doctor just was not keeping up on my care and collaborating with the other doctors involved.

Froggie - We love craigslist also. There is so much to be found, its amazing.

We are big supporters of homebirth but given the issues that I have been having, we felt that it would be safer to deliver at the hospital. The birth is not considered high risk and I am told that it is possible to have a birth with minimal examination.

I have a great respect for the nursing profession and frankly they put up with far more than they are paid to. Having done a homebirth for our last baby, I am very aware of how my body works. A relaxed laboring mama does a lot better on her own than a stressed mom being poked and prodded.

Froggie said...

Thanks for the vote of support!! We are all praying that things go without a hitch. Keep the faith and all will be as it is meant to be.

Tracy said...

It's really too bad you don't live up here by Yoder - then you could use their Yoder Birth Center ( that they developed many for the Amish there, to be less intrusive and more homey for birthing, yet have professional on hand. If I were young enough to have a child again, that's where I would choose.

Janelle said...

I looked so hard to find a place on that side when we were home shopping, but none panned out :( I think there should be more places like the Yoder Birth Center, especially in small towns, ah to dream.