Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A wonderful day

I awoke to the sound of dh's voice asking me to come with him, I was told only not to ask any questions, lol. He walked me to the kitchen where I found the room lit by candles. There was breakfast on the table and plastic wine glasses filled with apple juice, can you tell we don't get out much, lol. Everything was delicious, it was a very memorable morning and a great way to wake up. On a side note: Jimmy Dean breakfast bowls are really yummy and made with real ingredients. :)

I decided to savor the day and skip the 9-5, the kids got a hookey day and it was goodtimes once more :) Lunchtime rolled around and I asked AR to look for food, this is a normal activity at my house though I get tired of the same ole "we have nothing" line. Since I was having such a good day I decided to teach the children how this is really done. I knew we had pancakes in the freezer and I found the last baked and stuffed chicken in the freezer 2 days ago, there was a can of corned beef hash and a can of vienna sausages. I had them stop at that point, as it was more than enough for this lesson. On 7 plates each person got a share of the offerings and by the end bellies were full and there were leftovers to be had.

I have found that my children are still adapting to this life of simplicity and it is taking them time to get out of the wasteful abundance mindset, but they are getting there. All in all it was a yummy lunch, maybe unusual, but yummy all the same. :)


JLB said...

Ohh wow that's so neat! I love my hubby dearly but he doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. I told him all I wanted for valentines day was a homeade date I'm still waiting on that

Janelle said...

2 days ago I would have said the same thing about mine. I had had a really crappy (Read: high hormonal) day the day before and he really wanted to make me feel better. I was really impressed.