Monday, March 2, 2009

Meet Judd

Friday I went to the chicken auction in Yoder, but bought nothing, turns out they were not selling any chicks only full grown chickens. There were pigeons, peacocks, rabbits etc, the cages were so tiny and it was really cold. They really do need to consider holding these types of events indoors. Anywho, the evening was not lost as dh was following behind with the trailer to pick up AR's new jersey bull calf. He named him Judd, not quite sure why but hey.

Judd is a friendly little fella and really is a joy to feed. He is playful and very eager to explore everything and everyone. He is a week old now and having him home gives us a better idea of what the vet was talking about with Valentine. She was never able to get her balance even at 9 days old, and she never did quite figure out that whole nursing the bottle quite right. In retrospect, this maybe why Lot responded the way he did when she was born, and why Marian didn't try to stop him.:(

I expect that Judd will join the herd soon, he is still just a little thing and I want him to be able to strong enough to handle the hazing ritual that they seem to require for acceptance. I'm sure Treva will be happy to have a face like her own in the crowd, he's her future suitor :) In the meantime he is rooming with the chicks and enjoying all of their noises.


PlainCatholic said...

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Sunny Optimist said...

MORE PICTURES! I would have sent you an email but you said I don't comment enough so.....MORE PICTURES! :)

Tracy said...

Hey - I was also at that chicken auction! (although I just found your blog site today through someone else's blog site I was following) :) We froze to death at that auction. :)

You going to the auction this week?

Where are you from us? (you can see us over on my blog).