Saturday, March 7, 2009

Small set back :(

The oven is on the fritz for some reason :( All I know is that it wont come on and the light at the bottom is off :( Will get back to you soon on that, you know how few handy men we have in this town :(

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Anonymous said...

You need an ignitor! If you're up to it, go online and find out which type you need for your oven make and model and then find a couple of 'how to' guides on the interwebs of how to replace it. Believe me, it EASY!

Since you're a whiz with your camera, just take pictures of everything as you take it apart -- you can use them as a guide if you get stuck putting it back together.

Ours went out the first week of January and Sears Appliance/Repair wanted $250! We put in the new one ourselves for about $35 -- and the inconvenience of waiting an extra week for the part.