Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Green Envy

Still sore from this mornings tumble I opted to stay in bed with the heating pad. I can't say I feel a whole lot better but then I am still missing that spa in my mud room that might have done the trick. Anywho, if you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that the cows were frequent street walkers last summer. When Fall and winter rolled around it seemed that they were cured. But I think I've figured out the problem, green envy. Right now all of the wheat fields in the area are green and beautiful, to be honest it is very tempting to stop the car and just lay in the luscious green wheat. The pic above from is no joke, it really is that beautiful. I'm going to have to look into planting some wheat over the winter in the pasture. At this point I can't really blame the poor things for finding the grass greener, it actually is :)

Of course, I was talking to dh and he mentioned going out to fix the electric fence. I asked what was wrong with it and that was when he mentioned that it needed to be tightened, but it wasn't in the regular "I just discovered this" sort of tone, so I questioned further. At this point I got the story of how the electric fence had had to be lowered when the garden was tilled so that the tractor could turn around. My mouth dropped open, as the story continued. I am always amazed by the little details that are left out of the stories when I am not home to supervise. Note to self: Be more available to supervise. Anyway, turns out this is how the cows were able to make their big escape last night.

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