Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today we clipped the chicks wings, they were far more agreeable about it than I would have been. We got tired of having them fly out of the box, though we know that we will have to repeat the process after each molting.

I was so upset about missing out on the last dog house I had seen on craigslist, though in retrospect I really couldn't afford the $75, but that's not the point. I went on freecycle, a place I used to haunt a few years ago, and found yet another wooden doghouse but this time it was free. I was so excited, I email and then got no response. I emailed yet again and this morning there was a response, YAY!! WE were there in an hour and it was more than we even expected. WOW!! It's more than 25 years old and man is it in good shape. A coat of paint and a few shingles and it will become part of our new chick area. We are using Quinn's old pen as the other half of this run and wrapping it in poultry fence, with a tarp roof. Pics to come.


Dana said...

What kind of chicks? We just got four...our first...and we are excited. Still working out the exact run. I think we're making something out of the frame of an old couch. :)

Janelle said...

unfortunately when I bought them they were not sure what kind they were. The girl kept saying that they are heavies, apparently that is some sort of official breed at Atwoods, lol. Well know more in a few weeks when they fully feather out.

Id love to see pics of your run when you are done, we plan to get many more so I am always collecting ideas, eventually Ill figure out what works best for us :) Thanks for stopping by.