Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Like clockwork . . .

We have been in a good place with the animals and farm lately. Things are running on routine and have stayed fairly uneventful. I was pleased to see Marian yelling at Judd this morning as he wondered out of the assigned area and into the yard. She's a great cow alarm system, I'll miss her when she sells. I am waiting to see if Quinn will breed Zella, he seems to have struck up a friendship but not much else. His birthday is coming up so he may just not be ready yet, we'll see. On the upside he is not giving any trouble while he is away and that is always nice. If he doesn't do the job then she will come to Lot for a week or so, I'm sure that'll be 6 days more than he'll need, lol.

The chicks are in their ugly phase, though they are feathering out quite nicely. They seem to be a real mix of breeds, there is about 2 of every kind, the ones I suspect maybe boys are growing at a faster rate and tend to be quite ornery. The wing clipping has reduced the flying around but boy, they are still able to jump really high (for a chicken that is) and they can still get a little lift.

Sammy almost became a pound puppy once again, we caught him in the chicken box. Lucky for him, no chickens were harmed in this incident. He is in need of a tick bath, it is that season again :(

The pigs are coming when called for food and have gotten used to dh and even the rest of us. I took the kids to go visit them and they ran to the window when they heard us, lol. Missy is not above taking, grabbing and/or fighting for her fair share of food. I think I have explained that pigs are much like toddlers, there is an abundance of food yet everyone wants what the other has, lol. :rolls eyes:

The garden is no where near where I'd like it to be but I am pleased with the progress of the seedlings. I desperately need to start more but never seem to have the energy. :( My to-do list seems never ending.

My class begins in April and will go through the time I should be giving birth, this will be interesting. It's been a while since I have had to do that, lol. I gave birth to EE the say finals started and HG was a couple weeks before finals, ah good times, good times.

Well that's where we are this week, oh, and dh was trash burning and something exploded and hit him in the face, that was our bit of excitement. Fortunately it was not too bad, but I am curious to know what it was so we can be more careful not to have it in there.

We are showing the mobile home and Marian this week, and hoping to get what we're asking or at least close.

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