Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kansas weather is like a woman . . .

Very quickly she changes her mind. :) (I get to say that only because I am a woman, lol)

Here is what things looked like 2 days ago:

Today, this is what my yard looks like:

Dh went to work as this delightful storm was beginning, by the end of his shift things were in full swing and even at 20 mph he slid off the road into a ditch :( Unfortunately our other vehicle is parked at my work so I couldn't even pick him up. I got the call from him at around 7:30am and panicked immediately realising that he was stranded, and that he had walked 3 miles in the storm to get a signal to let me know what was happening. Thankfully God is always watching and one of the local business owners in the small town before ours was on his way to open up. He is also our second closest neighbor. He took dh to work with him and got him warmed up. Several cups of coffee later and time chatting with the regulars 2 of the guys offered to take him home and try to get him out. The truck couldn't get any traction because there was still a lot of water in the ditch, but it was very close to the other guys house so he went to get his tractor. Dh was able to drive home and for that we were exceedingly glad.

Dh has been eyeing a pair of overalls all winter and has waited patiently for them to get marked down. Last night they were finally at a price we could afford, as he went to pay he realised that he didn't have his debit card on him :( He was bummed. He looked for it this morning and still nothing, he figured he would have to call and cancel. We had gotten a package notice in the mail so he headed off to the post office, while there the lady says: "hey, you left your debit card here so I sent it with the mail man this morning", ain't small towns great :) This is the same mail man that always puts our packages in the car (if there is a car at home), instead of waking dh during the day, lol.

In other news:
The chicks have gotten so big lately, the roosters are so feisty, its hard not to take notice of them. They still have some flight and will fly up on the box, take a look around and then go back inside. Here are some recent shots of them:

And then of course there is stubby, the runt of the litter and she has no toes:

So how did you fair on this fine Saturday?


Kansas Mom said...

My parents have been stranded two extra days because of the storm and one of the drawers in our fridge is full of strawberries that arrived yesterday as the sleet was coursing down. Guess we'll wait a few days to plant those...

Janelle said...

Im sure the kids must have been thankful for the storm then ;) We have had some success with the strawberries that we bought, but Im thankful that my gurnseys order will not be shipped til the end of April.