Thursday, March 19, 2009

The new starting line up

Meet Wendy and Dusty - otherwise known as the Mouse Patrol

Head of Security: Sammy - can catch anything bigger than a mouse but smaller than him :)

Next up is Blackjack, AKA Head Boar (or at least he will be)

This seasons butcher hogs are: Pinky and Missy

Studs: Quinn and Lot

Herd Sire in training, AKA Future Stud: Judd

Last year's baby and this year's hottie: Sweetiepie

Calving Consultant: Marian

Dairy Foreman: Treva

The Chicks : AKA Layers/Breeders and Meat birds

This kid will rule the world, one cow at a time :) The cow pictured is Zella, Treva's old pal, residing at our friend's farm.

The only member of this year's line up that is currently not pictured is Christmas in July as she was being camera shy and is yet to show up for the re-shoot :)

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