Sunday, August 17, 2008


Becoming a mother has really made me appreciate my mother. I love you mom :) Why is it I never noticed how awesome she is when I was a kid? In fact I really didn't appreciate her or take the time to get to know her as best I could. Why is that? As a former Daddy's girl, I found her to be rather useless and by the time of the split she was definitely to blame (in my head anyway). It is amazing how perspectives change in such a short time. My mom is really awesome, she is the most humble person I know and has a tremendous faith in God. OK, she's not perfect but who is? I sure am not and I've read several books on saints and they weren't either. But she sure is as close as they come. I know that it's August and not May(mother's day) but I just wanted to remind you to give your mom a call and let her know that she's awesome. :)

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