Friday, August 22, 2008

Productive entertainment

I know that sounds like some kind of oxymoron but, dh and I watch a movie together at least 1 night a week and our mountain of laundry was . . . well. . . staying neglected in baskets. This week we decided that we will wash, day and fold laundry during our movie and maybe even watch 2 to make sure it all gets done :) It worked wonderfully, in fact dh found episodes of a summer show we used to watch and we watched several episodes on our computer, even after the laundry was done. :) I am very hopeful about this new method, as I am about our lunch time prayer time.

Since dh works nights and I days, there are not many opportunities for us to pray together. We do however talk as much as possible on the phone and we decided to pray together during his lunch break so that we don't miss the opportunity. I am really happy with it :) How do you find/make time?

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sues2u2 said...

Good for you! We say family prayer in the morning before the kids get on the bus. I have a friend whose Hubby calls in the am & they do scripture study together for a few minutes. Every little bit helps.