Saturday, August 9, 2008

The right tools!

So I got a call last night from the nice lady with the Australian Shepard puppies, we must have talked for 3 hours, anyway, her friend is selling her tractor. Well this produced quite a tricky set of mind racing questions. Should we buy this tractor? Is this as great a deal as it sounds? Do I really want to take the money I was going to pay off the Credit Card with to buy a tractor? Do we really need a tractor? So many questions!

Feeling really conflicted about this I talked to my mom and a few other people. DH prefers to leave a lot of these type of financial matters to my judgement. The general consensus seemed to be that buying a tractor was all about having the right tools for the right job. Winter is fast approaching and we will need to move bales of hay for our animals. Not to mention that if we're ever going to get our truck garden started, we'll need to be able to clear a section of land, a little riding mower is not up to that kind of challenge. Of course that would only be applicable to a working mower of which mine has decided it no longer wishes to be counted among :( Anyway, the point is that we are once again looking and trying to find the best solution.

I called the very nice receptionist at the school, a member of the local Catholic Church, and she is working on helping us. She was raised on a farm, but having 5 brothers she really didn't have to do much by way of farm work. However, she knows everyone, I mean EVERYONE!! She has advised that we get the word out so that we might be able to find someone local who might help us look at prospect tractors. Not to mention, if they have one they are willing to sell.

I really like this little town, it is amazing how much it is like you see on tv. It's kind of like taking a step back in time to a period when things were a little simpler and people really took interest in their community and neighbors. Being a bit of a recluse, I'm going to have to work on getting out and mingling. On the up side, the sale barn is back on Saturdays so that should be rather fun :)

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