Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pig Adventures: Part 7

Mr Lean and Mrs Organic are back in, YAY!! Talk about a long drawn out process, geez. Every time we'd try to round them up they'd run into the corral area and we'd have to go through the hassle of getting them out without spooking them and sending them out to the pasture. They'd run under the gate and then as soon as we'd get out, they'd run back under again.

DH started thinking about how we could create a block to get them in and so he moved the trash cans near the pig pen as I stood holding the gate open. AR would run them from the fence and DH would run interference on the side to keep them in the line. This creates a make shift chute area and going in the gate appears to be the only way to escape. The thing about the pigs is that they are very willing to cut and run from the group, it's every pig for themselves at that point. Mr Lean was the first to go in as he was very eager to get the food we'd poured for the others.

Mrs Organic was not as interested. She kept going back to the corral area, she seems to have bonded with the cows, I'm not sure I approve of that. They even let her eat with them, a very unusual concept if you know my cows. Keegan and Keanu still having gotten eating privileges with the grown ups. Sweetie pie is really curious about the pigs and will go up to them, but she's always been a friendly calf. She is getting to be so big and is a really beautiful little heifer.

I've digressed, so Mrs Organic finally gets run out of the corrals by dh and AR an head to the side of the pig pen. Once she was in the line of our make shift chute I knew that we'd got her. She was not about to go easy though. She was running like a crazy person and slammed into the gate, I quickly closed it shuffling her inside. Finally!!! Phew, that was quite a workout, on the upside the heat wave has subsided and being outside no longer feels like we're dying. Well, if nothing else, at least pigs aren't boring :)

I'm sure there are more adventures to come, stay tuned :)

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