Sunday, August 10, 2008

The great escape continues

BANG! BANG! BANG! That was the sound that woke me up this morning. I looked out the window see the sheriff at my door. Immediately I wok dh and sent him to the door. They'd received a call of 3 cows on the loose. :( He said he only saw 1 though. As we were getting dressed to deal with it I passed by the door and realised that the nice sheriff was parked next to the cow with his lights flashing, waiting for us. We jumped into the car after waking AR, so that he could watch the others if they woke up. As we got closer we saw that there was in fact 3 cows loose. All repeat offenders I might add. Lot, the supposed Herd sire/big toddler, Christmas in July, Lot's main squeeze, she's not that friendly but has calmed down considerably lately and last but not least Keegan, the newer bull to the herd who has been singled out to be banded soon (i.e. the first to the freezer).

We pulled up, parking on the side of the highway just behind them, the officer was parked in front of them. I started to talk to them as I always do and they immediately began to walk toward the house. DH went back to get the car and the officer turned around, also following closely. At one point they took off in a run then they stopped. I guess they were waiting for me to catch up :) They headed toward the fence at one point and we hoped they'd reveal their point of exit, no such luck. As I was lagging behind I called to them as they continued to walk, keegan had slowed, it looked like he might turn around, he continued to move with the group. Then Lot began to head toward the house instead of the barn I called to him and he turned, the officer (obviously used to cattle) then drove around the side by the house to keep them from turning, meanwhile dh had already got to the corral and opened the gate. They all ran in with no issue. Knowing the drill Marion and the calves came up from the pasture and they waited by the second corral gate as dh locked them out of the pasture once again. :(

I was relieved that the officer was very nice about the whole situation, having a third person to help really makes a difference in rounding things up, though this time AR would have had to be driving rather than on foot. His driving lessons are going very well so if there is a next time, hopefully we'll be ready.

The most amazing thing about their attempts to escape is that they only do so to eat the grass on the side of the road, they aren't leaving for good. I guess it's that whole grass is greener on the other side deal. Well I'm done procrastinating, I've got to finish my paper for school and then get to that fence.

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