Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plan change

For those of you following along at home, when I last talked about the farm I told you we would be buying a tractor. While that statement is still true it is no longer the immediate focus, again. :( No, I did not go on a huge shopping spree, develop a gambling problem or anything like that.

I got a call from a young woman who was interested in purchasing our mobile home. She heard about it from "Bob", the only problem is I have no clue who Bob is. The point of the matter is that I started thinking about the mobile home again since the 1st payment for the cars is coming up.

Waiting for some kind of confirmation I got this email from the guy I was supposed to get the tractor from:
Please go to your local Tractor dealership and buy a new one,Thay will help with all you need to know and give you free Lessons on how to drive it,And thay have Free Delivery to, And Iam sure for around $12,000 you will find the tractor that will do what you need it to do.
..............Thank you and Good Luck....

Can you believe the nerve of this guy? I mean 29 emails and this is the result!! Anyway, I took it as a sign from God and since I'd been praying about using the money for the remodel, this seemed like a clear, yes. I really appreciate it when God is clear with his answers, I'm the simple type and do well with precise instructions.

I have formulated a plan of how the work should be done and I think I can have the job completed in a week to 10 days. Wish me luck and pray I find the help I'll need as neither dh nor I really have the time to do it.

Happy Thursday :)

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