Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pig Adventures: Part 4

Well I was spending time with dh when the children burst in to let us know that the pigs were out of the pen. I looked out the window and sure enough they were walking up to my door. I grabbed my boots and headed to the pen to see where and how they got out. The gate was open, which was strange as we didn't go in today. AR had left the hose running so they had lots of water, but they were really enjoying being out and grazing on the lush grass that had grown since the lawnmower last died.

This time trying to lure them in with food was not as easy as when we brought them home. For one thing they seemed to really want to just graze, I've always known we have great grass but I didn't realise how much pigs would appreciate it. I watched as they ran all over sampling the different grasses available. It was very interesting to watch them run around half wanting to come up to us and see what we had and half wanting to run away from us for fear of what might happen.

In the end we were able to convince 11 of the 15 to go in and eat the feed that dh had poured for them but the remaining 4 continued to roam. I watched as some of the fatter pigs stood on each other an began pushing up the gate, I realised that we hadn't left it open, they had pushed on it long enough to free themselves. I tell ya, pigs are very smart. I have since secured the latch with a bungee cord and added additional T posts to secure the panels that they have spent their days pushing.

Tomorrow is a new day, we will have to round them up after I get home from work or if they are compliant we will let them back in in the morning. Sammy boy no longer has any influence with them as they all out weight him by at least 10 - 30 pounds. It's funny since they were about his size or smaller when they came home. Can you say bacon soon? :) I'll keep ya posted.

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