Monday, August 25, 2008

Good Neighbors

While we may always live at the old Engles place, the people in and out of our little town are more than willing to help out the new family. :) Noticing that our lawn was in need of a good mowing, a kind older lady stopped by and said hello. Turns out she works the lunchroom at the kids school and had the pleasure of meeting the children. She lives about 2 miles away and offered to bring her lawn mower over and help us out. Now I think I have sufficiently expressed how much I love mowing, but let me just say that watching her handle her John Deere 318 I felt like a baby playing with a toy tractor. The way she handled each turn and cut the grass in a uniform manner, it gave me a whole new respect for the art of mowing. It truly is an art and it gives you this wonderful oneness with God as you reflect. I thank God for the wonderful neighbors that He has given us.

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