Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pig Adventures: Part 6 - Heat waves and strays

It has been so HOT!!! the last few days. It was so hot that even the breeze on the plains was hot and dry. When we tried catching the pigs it was like having some kind of heat stroke. We haven't been able to catch the last 2 and it has been too hot to care. That is until yesterday when the strays showed up.

HG: "Mom there are 2 dogs in our yard."

Me: "WHAT!!" runs to window to verify(small children like to give you a fright I've discovered), but this time she was right.

They were about the size of a lab or maybe a german shepard. One had a red collar around it's neck and they seemed to be wondering off so we went back about our business. Well, until dh tried to leave for work and found then sitting on the lawn eying the pig pen, or rather eying Mr Lean and Mrs Organic.

Thinking he could scare them by driving toward them, he honked and yelled. They weren't even slightly phased. He stopped the car and ran to the garage to get the bat the previous owner left behind, I knew that guy was good for something :), that got their attention.

At that point Sammy had gotten past the kids and ran behind the strays as if he were escorting them off the premises. He is such a funny little guy. We called him home before they decided to have him for dinner though and then kept him in the rest of the night, just in case.

The pigs would have to fend for themselves as we couldn't get them in.

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